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Millions of people have lost all of their natural teeth, leaving most looking for tooth replacement solutions. Of them, many turn to dentures, which remain one of the most common and affordable dental prosthetics used in modern dentistry. If dentures are a part of your practice, make sure you only use a dental lab you…


Give your patients the gift of aesthetics and durability with Captek™ technology. Captek restorations are made up of a gold alloy that contains platinum and palladium for strength and durability. It is finished by pressing molten ceramics under constant pressure to eliminate porosity and minimize the need for chairside adjustments or repairs. Why choose Captek?…


Dental appliances are a valuable tool in your practice. You use them to repair and protect the teeth, and perhaps to help patients with sleep disorders. Both you and your patients rely on appliances to perform as intended. You don’t have time for delays or remakes; you expect consistent and reliable results, time after time.…